1992: Benoît Saint-Amand starts a florist training
1995: "Best trainee of France" (Meilleur apprenti de France - Gold Medal)
2001: Opening of his first shop in Mont-de-Marsan, then "Histoire de Fleur" in Saint-Pierre-du-Mont
2015: Benoît Saint-Amand is awarded the title Best Craftsmen of France (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France - MOF)
2018: Creation of the brand "Benoît Saint-Amand"
Benoit Saint-Amand goes on making his own path while keeping his original values: respect for the trade and techniques, commitment to quality, choice of craftsmanship to guarantee the authenticity of his creations.

He finally launches a brand of vegetal decoration dedicated to natural preserved flowers : "Benoit Saint Amand". There, he designs and produces a collection of long-lasting, elegant and contemporary floral objects in his own image.